The areas dedicated to the wet area are home to a whirlpool, a Finnish sauna and a steam bath, with an adjoining fountain from which fresh drinking water flows.
To amplify the effects of the saunas you can also use the flavored spray showers.
The biosauna is reserved for women every day until 4.30 pm, and later men can also enter it.
Instead, the silent area with thepidarium, sunbeds, music and candles is always at your disposal, where you can enjoy a well-deserved relaxation between sessions.

To make pleasant use of all the wet area environment, we kindly ask you to respect some hygienic and good education instructions:

common areas wet area and Jacuzzi: use the shower – but NOT shampoo and shower gel – before and after immersion in water; wear the costume, respect the QUIET of others and avoid using the mobile phone.

Saunas: use the shower – but NOT shampoo and shower gel – before and after the sessions; enter the sauna only with the towel to be spread over the entire session – WITHOUT costume and slippers – and DO NOT introduce bags and food.

And some tips for optimal use:

• the sauna is based on the benefits of direct exposure of the body to intense heat to promote relaxation, rebalancing of energy and purification of the skin;
• must be experienced calmly and balance, resting and relaxing without haste after each exposure;
• always respecting the peace of others, at the end of the cycle relax in the thepidarium inside the silence zone;
• Finally, we remind you that speaking loudly, in addition to disturbing others, fatigue circulation as much as exercise.