In order to complete the multiple Avalon offer – together with physiotherapy, hydrokinesitherapy and kinesiology – we pay particular attention to osteopathy.

Founded in the USA by A.T. Still in the late 1800s, osteopathy is a form of “manual” medicine that sees the state of health as “natural” for the human being and illness as a phenomenon of adaptation of the body to critical situations.

The osteopath, through a holistic vision and in synergy with the other specialists, acts as a link between the treatment of the symptom and complete healing through the removal of the cause of the same.

A totally manual therapeutic modality, osteopathy is particularly useful for the treatment of:

musculoskeletal system (cervicalgia, dorsalgia, lumbago, whiplash);
neurological system (cruralgia, sciatica, neuralgia);
neurovegetative system (anxiety states, irritability, sleep disorders);
circulatory system (lower limb circulatory problems, venous congestions, hemorrhoids);
digestive system (spastic colitis, constipation, hiatal hernia, gastric acidity);
problems related to pregnancy.

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