School for the back. Gymnastic method valid for pains and diseases of the spine. Inform, educate and treat back pain by learning with the correct movements to prevent it.

Integral training of elasticity and flexibility applied to muscle chains. Other types of stretching will also be applied: dynamic controlled, static passive, PNF.

Wellness of body and mind.
He draws from various holistic disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates, Postural Gymnastics. Lesson accompanied by chillout music and candlelit atmosphere.

A working method aimed at improving flexibility, coordination, balance, bringing the body back to a correct posture with exercises that are developed on several levels of motion, integrated by twisting or spiral exercises through work transactions in feet and on the ground .

Good morning is seen from the morning and it is good to make it a vital rule! Sweet and non-invasive exercises that combine the mobilization of the upper limbs with movements of the pelvis, back and legs. Gymnastics aimed at preventing or containing the main problems related to age.

It is performed in a room heated to 38°/40° and this triggers a series of physical and mental benefits. It is specific to treat diseases of the cervical spine and of the entire back, metabolic syndromes, circulatory and joint problems, it also improves the basal metabolism and increases the immune defenses.

With appropriate breathing, one works on the cells of the body. Exercises to strengthen the chest, arm and leg alternate with exercises to tone and strengthen the abdominal belt and the buttocks, all in “yoga time”.


The main techniques of boxing and martial arts in terms of fitness. A lesson full of energy and rhythm!

It represents the evolution of free body lessons, allowing to improve the efficiency of the cardiorespiratory system and the tone of the muscles of the shoulders, arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs, using various fitness equipment.

New indoor cycling activity, performed on Technogym stationary bikes through the training, fun and safety method.

Course with Latin rhythms. Fun, healthy movement and group dances!

Training that crosses different sports. Mixing different athletic gestures we are going to urge all the muscle chains in an effective way, leading to an increase in the general fitness level, improving muscle tone and reducing the risk of getting bored

It is a training program aimed at increasing the athletic condition of the subject. The proposed exercises aim to improve cardiorespiratory and muscular resistance. The course is structured on the basis of cross training. Part of the lesson is held on the Group Cycle Technogym stationary bikes, focusing on aerobic capacity. The other aims to work the muscles of the upper body and core muscles using weights, barbells, small tools and functional exercises.

Training aimed at increasing motor control, balance and coordination. Improve muscle tropism using specific tools aimed at creating instability in a dynamic workout.


The complete training that stimulates the whole body thanks to the use of fitness equipment such as elastic and various fitball ankle handlebars, increasing quality to performance power.

Discipline that allows you to burn calories and tone the muscles of the body. It also strengthens the joints, improves physical endurance and posture; it also fights stress and eases anxiety.

Training, explosiveness, strength, endurance, speed, flexibility: everything that will take you beyond the limits.
Functional training at high intensity intervals mainly with a free body but it is also foreseen the use of equipment necessary to create an overload stimulus.

Medium and high impact training that combines phases of aerobic work to promote the improvement of cardio vascular capacity and training phases where you perform static exercises for toning abdominal and buttocks legs.

45 minutes to train the abdominal corset in a targeted and specific way


It is a lively training to the rhythm of music that involves all the muscular districts. It is suitable for all people who are looking for a complete water training that includes both free-body exercises and the use of specific tools such as steps, tubes, handles, anklets to perform a cardiorespiratory work and full toning.

Absolute news at Avalon. A varied workout thanks to the changes of station: alternate the exercises of acquawellness with the use of new tools such as trampolines (jump) and acquabike to make the workout fun and complete. Acquacircuit is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers with its aerobic training and toning effects

Transposition of spinning in the aquatic environment with multiple beneficial effects, useful in fighting overweight and in the drainage and toning of the body. Thanks to the movement in water and the absence of gravity, the knees are not excessively stressed allowing a physical effort without contraindications.

Dynamic and engaging lesson, suitable for any person. The continuous rhythm variations, the water support and the continuous massage performed by it have important effects of proprioception, tonification and improvement of the functions of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

Avalon Wellness organizes swimming lessons for children on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday.