Benefits Dott.ssa Grazia Tusa

For the filling of all the depressions of the face, of the perilabial wrinkles (furrows at the side of the nose) of the so-called “marionette wrinkles” (folds at the lower corners of the mouth) and for the filling of lips and cheekbones. The aesthetic effect is immediate and totally reversible.

A facial cleansing performed a few days before treatment is strongly recommended

Many imperfections of the face (wrinkles and folds) are caused by the excessive contraction of some mimic muscles. The selective block of these muscles is treated with botulinum which allows to reduce or even eliminate wrinkles in a safe, controllable and completely reversible way.

The peeling is a skin rejuvenation that is obtained by applying a substance on the skin that promotes a renewal of the epidermis and the dermis

This is an ultrasound emission through a handpiece. The treatment is ideal in all situations of adiposity. To make it more effective, medical science supports us with the method known as “hydrolipoclasia” in which the doctor, before treatment with ultrasound, prepares the tissue to be treated with infiltrations of physiological and appropriate active ingredients. The result is a localized decrease in fat cells.

È consigliato un peeling corpo il giorno prima.

treatment for vascular imperfections such as capillary care and dermatological imperfections such as skin spots, couperose and warts removal

min. 5 sessions

min. 5 sessions

min. 5 sessions

min. 5 sessions

min. 5 sessions





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